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The logo design embodies the continuous flow of Yoga’s embrace. It seamlessly merges with the figure of a person in a Yoga pose and a flower, symbolizing inner peace, unity, and connection. 


Luvivo’s branding features two elegant fonts, including a handwritten touch, adding a personal and refined element to the design. Within this tranquil universe, some designs bloom with delicate flower patterns, celebrating nature’s artistry with a minimalist touch. Each creation exudes an air of sophistication, inviting seekers of mindful fashion to embrace the essence of Luvivo.

Our approach

The brand identity is based on a visual reference to the mosaic (knowledge), which the school will help students put together in a puzzle into a complete picture. As a result of the already existing naming that was proposed by the customer, I developed a geometric logo from colored figures in the form of a parrot

Our approach

Introducing branding for “Luvivo” - a serene oasis of elegance and grace in the Yoga clothes world. 

Inspired by the beauty of nature’s palette, Luvivo’s brand identity is a harmonious fusion of three captivating colors: serene green, muted dark pink, and soft beige. These calming shades reflect Luvivo’s essence - a haven for gentle, minimalistic, and feminine designs.

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