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We present to you a new project for H.A.F. company - the label design for four exquisite varieties of ketchup. In this project, we have placed a strong emphasis on typography, focusing on simplicity and originality.


The design of the labels impresses with its minimalist and stylish appearance. Instead of images, we have utilized typography that delicately resembles the shape of a tomato. Each word, each letter has been carefully arranged, taking into account not only aesthetics but also expressiveness, in order to convey the taste and character of each ketchup variety.


Furthermore, we have paid attention to the selection of fonts, their size, and kerning, ensuring convenient information perception and maintaining the overall design harmony. The use of typographic elements allows the ketchup to burst from the label, capturing attention and creating memorability.

In addition to the meticulously crafted typography, we have created imagery to promote the product. Our visual representations capture the essence of the ketchup, showcasing fresh ingredients and conveying the delightful experience of enjoying it.

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