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Our approach

We offer you to look at branding for iParlo - English courses with a vibrant twist! Our task was to create youthful and dynamic branding for iParlo. Drawing inspiration from the Italian word “Parlo,” meaning “I speak,” we crafted a logotype that features a charming parrot as its central symbol.

As a result of the already existing naming, we designed a geometric logo from figures in the form of a parrot. The parrot is a renowned symbol of communication, known for its ability to mimic and articulate words. It perfectly aligns with iParlo’s mission to help its students speak English fluently and with absolute confidence in their skills. 


Other projects

Brand activation

The brand identity for iParlo is based on a visual reference to mosaic (knowledge), revealing the readiness to assist students in gathering puzzles into a complete picture. With an avant-garde mosaic pattern and a custom font, we captured iParlo’s flexible approach to education. 


Our design sets iParlo apart in the language learning market, making learning an enjoyable and captivating experience.

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