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Our approach

The shopping cart represents the core aspect of the company’s business - the sale of food products. It symbolizes convenience and accessibility for our customers, emphasizing the main focus of the company’s operations.

The heron, deeply rooted in Balkan culture, serves as a symbol of national wealth. It adds dynamism to the logo and represents swift delivery of goods. This complements the concept of the company, which is dedicated to offering unique and authentic Balkan food products.

We take pride in the outcome of our work on the “Balkan Supermarket” project and are confident that the new logo accurately reflects the company’s field of activity and conveys the essence of the Balkan region.



The corporate style provides additional flexibility and the opportunity to express the company’s unique identity through the pattern. This pattern, consisting of rectangles with rounded opposite corners in red, blue, purple, and white colors, creates a vibrant and memorable motif. However, a special aspect of this pattern is its versatility - it allows inserting photographs inside the rectangles, expressing the Balkan food atmosphere and emphasizing the authenticity of the products offered in the store. This creates an unparalleled brand image, combining vibrant graphic elements and photographs, capturing attention and leaving a positive impression.


The Amaranth font is welcoming and friendly, capturing attention with its stylish appearance. Thanks to the use of bold style, it brings richness and expressiveness to the text content, establishing a harmonious connection with the overall brand image, and highlighting its professionalism and modernity.

Other projects


We have a great opportunity to present to you our new project - the logo for Balkan Supermarket, an online store specializing in Balkan food products. The task was to create a logo that would reflect the company’s field of activity and convey the unique characteristics of the Balkan region. 

Our team has immersed themselves in the culture of the Balkan region to find inspiration for creating a unique logo. The result of our work is a combination of a shopping cart and a heron - a national symbol of the Balkans.

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