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Very professional and highly skilled graphic designer. During this entire project, he took his time to ensure I was 100% satisfied with the result.

Christoff Berlage


They were so very nice during the entire process. I’ve never done a project like this and he helped me through the whole thing. They also were very gracious about fixing things on the piece, which turned out fabulous!

Carrie Byrum

Foley Equipment

Absolutely outstanding work! Great communication ..... Oleksii B was very willing to make changes but to be honest he designed just what we wanted. The illustrations are excellent and were completed on time .....we will certainly be working with him again.

Riley Jones

Diaspora Service

Client feedback

We are a team of digital artists, illustrators, project managers, and creatives from Ukraine. It has all started small, many years ago in Kharkiv. By this time our team is consisted of ten open-minded, inspired people. Due to the Russian terrorism in Ukraine, we had to move to different cities and countries. Despite all the bitterness, we are here to pursue our passions, make art, along with bringing creativity into the modern world.

About us

Oleksii Bychkov

Founder, Executive Creative Director

Kima Rosil

Art Director

Artem Turov

 Project manager

Nika Savenko

Project manager

Victoria Gaidar

Sale manager

Denis Zonov

Graphic designer

Bogdana Rudenko


Olivia Rouz

Project manajer

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